Dependable Hydroseeded Lawn Maintenance Advice in Thurston, Pierce, Lewis & South King Counties Since 2003

Hydroseeded Lawn Maintenance in Thurston & Pierce Counties Since 2003Beautiful and healthy lawns require regular maintenance to stay that way, and the pros at Nichols Hydroseeding have been providing expert advice on hydroseeded lawn maintenance for almost 20 years. To guarantee optimal results from our service, please follow the guidelines below.


The hydroseeding germination process takes about 30 days, with the first blades usually appearing within 7 to 14 days after application. The time frame is season-dependent, with spring and late-autumn planting normally taking longer, and other factors like humidity, soil type and air temperature also affect germination time.


Prior to mowing, inspect your mower blade and sharpen or replace it if needed. Dull blades can pull on the grass, leaving ragged tears that expose the roots to disease. Begin mowing when grass length reaches about 3 inches, making sure not to cut more than 1/3 of the blade length in a mowing session, and make sure not to leave grass clippings on the lawn. The healthiest post-mowing length in western Washington is 1.5 to 2.5 inches. Shorter cutting at 1.5 inches is best during the cooler and wetter Spring and Fall seasons, while longer cutting at 2.5 inches is best for the warmer Summer months.

Weed Control

Even though Nichols Hydroseeding uses certified weed free seed, weeds can come from imported or native soil. If weeds appear, hand pull until 3 lawn mowings, or 3 months has passed, whichever comes first. At that time weeds may be spot sprayed with a weed control selective herbicide safe for lawns.


It’s vital to provide ample water to the lawn for the first two weeks after hydroseeding to prevent turf from drying out. Water just enough to keep the soil moist, increasing water volume during hot and windy conditions. Begin tapering off on volume as the lawn matures, watering at a rate of approximately one inch per week. Watering is best done during early morning or later afternoon hours when there’s enough visibility to see if any pooling is occurring, which is a clear indicator to cut back. Watering in hotter mid-day hours causes wasteful evaporation and can actually burn the lawn as water droplets absorb and refract the heat of the sun.

Hydroseeded Lawn Maintenance in Thurston & Pierce Counties Since 2003


Begin fertilizing 30 days after seeding, and continue as much as every four to six weeks between February and November. Use a balanced slow-release fertilizer applied per manufacturer recommendations.

Tips For Guaranteed Results

  • Follow above maintenance instructions
  • Hydroseed between April 1st and October 15th
  • Ensure irrigation system properly waters all seeded areas evenly
  • Begin sufficient watering within 24 hours of hydroseeding

Hydroseeded Lawn Maintenance Advice

Hydroseeding lawn maintenance isn’t difficult, and the pros at Nichols Hydroseeding provide all the advice and coaching needed after hydroseeding. Click here for more information about maintaining your hydroseeded lawn and our disclaimer. We’re here for you long after our initial service is rendered!

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