Revitalizing Your Lawn with Hydroseeding in Olympia

revitalizing your lawn with hydroseeding olympiaHydroseeding brings your lawn to life using a mixture of fertilizer, seeds, mulch and other treatments. Many Olympia homeowners opt for hydroseeding services because of their cost – hydroseeding comes in at about a third the cost of traditional sodding. Learn more about the effects of revitalizing your lawn with hydroseeding.

Increased Soil Moisture

First and foremost, the extreme moisture of hydroseeding provides your lawn with the tools needed to thrive. Packed in by mulch and fibers, the water will stay in your lawn and be released to the root systems in the soil, encouraging growth.

Control Soil Erosion

If your land is on a hill or another uneven space, don’t worry! Your hydroseeding expert will inform you of any preparation you must undertake beforehand. Hydroseeding can be performed nearly anywhere, making it great to combat the effects of soil erosion. It’s even used along roadsides as a simple prevention method for minor landslides.

Shelter Germinating Seeds

To help your lawn flourish, hydroseeding helps protect germinating seeds. The moistness and mulch of the mixture shelters the seeds from external forces, such as air, erosion and sunlight. Plus, the nutrient-rich composition provides the sprouts with tons of nutrients. Your hydroseeding expert will give you tips and tricks on how to care for and maintain your new lawn.

Interested in Revitalizing Your Lawn with Hydroseeding in Olympia?

For more information on revitalizing your lawn with hydroseeding, turn to the pros at Nichols Hydroseeding. Our experienced team has worked for 18 years to bring new life to the lawns of homes and businesses. Use our estimating & scheduling form to contact us today and learn how hydroseeding can benefit you!

Revitalizing Your Lawn with Hydroseeding in Olympia

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Finding Reliable Hydroseeding Services in Auburn

finding reliable hydroseeding services auburnIf you’re interested in finding reliable hydroseeding services for your home or business in Auburn, there are a few things that may make the process easier. Keep these helpful tips and tricks in mind as you conduct your search.

Ask for Help

It’s always easier to find the help you’re looking for when you have help. Start by asking people you know for advice. It’s likely someone you know has utilized these services in the past and can recommend a good company to work with. 

Research Options

Even after you have a list of recommendations, the task of finding reliable hydroseeding services isn’t quite over. You still need to research each company thoroughly before making a final decision. Review information provided online and consider scheduling consultations with at least two contractors.

Consider Customer Feedback

You’ll also need to become familiar with what previous customers have said about the companies you’re considering. Pay close attention to client reviews and testimonials. These can provide valuable insight. Additionally, it may be worth asking for a list of references before moving forward.

Trouble Finding Reliable Hydroseeding Services in Auburn?

Finding reliable and affordable hydroseeding services in Auburn just got easier! The pros at Nichols Hydroseeding offer options for both residential and commercial properties. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can also provide hydroseeding preparation assistance, as well as care and maintenance services. Whatever your needs, contact us today for more information or to schedule a risk-free consultation! 

Reliable Custom Hydroseeding Services in Auburn

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3 Lawn Erosion Control Tips to Maintain the Soil Integrity of Your Olympia, Yelm, Puyallup or Thurston or Pierce County Yard

lawn erosion tipsSoil erosion can be a problem in wet and windy regions like the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately, there are several effective lawn erosion control tips home and business owners can keep in mind to keep erosion to a minimum.

1. Plant Native Trees and Shrubbery

As part of a hydroseeding preparation process, plant a tree or two and some shrubs or other deep-root plants around the lawn area. These deeper root systems firmly anchor the soil, helping hold it in place while the foliage shields the lawn from wind. Aim for native species because they can thrive in their natural surroundings with less human intervention.

2. Mulch

Mulching should be a regular part of hydroseeded lawn maintenance. Use natural materials such as wood chips, pine needles or grass clippings purchased at your local hardware store in bulk quantity at low price. Aside from erosion control, ½-inch deep mulch is also effective as a weed control measure.

3. Plant a Garden

Even a small garden of plants with absorbent roots can absorb some excess water when soil is over-saturated and in danger of loosening and floating away. Addition of leafy plants also provides some windbreak protection on gusty days. Here are a few examples of plants with good moisture-absorbing abilities.

Bee balm
Golden clubs
Purple coneflowers

These Helpful Lawn Erosion Control Tips Aid Long-term Lawn Health

Good soil health is a prerequisite for successful hydroseeding results, so follow these erosion control tips for great lawn health. If you need further advice, or if you’re considering planting a new lawn or renovating an existing one, the pros at Nichols Hydroseeding are only a phone call away!

Lawn Erosion Control Tips in Olympia, Yelm, Puyallup & Throughout Thurston & Piece Counties

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