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Products We Use & Certificates of Compliance


Wilco 20-14-14
Wilco 10-20-20
Wilco 16-16-16
Wilco 16-16-16-6S
Agrivestment 21-7-14
Agrivestment 15-22-15
John Deere 12-2-4
Perfect Blend Organics 8-4-5
Independent Landscape Consulting LLC 20-12-12 w/ 50% PCU


Conweb Fibers Hydro Mulch 1000 with TriFlo
Conweb Fibers Hydro Mulch 2000 with Tack
Conweb Fibers EnviroBlend with Tack
Conweb Fibers EnviroBlend with TriFlo
EcoAegis BFM
Hydrostraw Bonded Fiber Matrix
Hydrostraw Guar Plus
Hydrostraw Original
Rainier Fiber Premium Wood Fiber Mulch
Terra-Wood Hydraulic


Agrivestment - 18th Avenue Improvements: Seed Mix-Pond Mixture
Agrivestment - Early Learning
Agrivestment - DJ Plumbing: Bioswale Mix
Agrivestment - Edison School
Agrivestment - Fairwood Shopping Center
Agrivestment - McChord AFB: Seed Mix Roemer's Fescue
Agrivestment - Olympia Training Campus: Low-Grow Seed
Agrivestment - Pacific Northwest Wildflower Mix
Agrivestment - Percival Landing Section A Phase 1: Seed Mix-Lawn Areas
Agrivestment - Sequim Walmart: Seed Mix
Agrivestment - Spanaway Elementary: Seed Mix-Lawn Mix
Agrivestment - Tumwater Walmart: Seed Mix-Native Marsh
Agrivestment - WSDOT with Clover
Agrivestment - WSDOT with no Clover
Agrivestment - Yelm Canal: Low Growing Turf Seed Mix
Columbia Seeds Scottish Crest Fine Fescue
Independent Landscape Consulting LLC - Alutiiq TO-029
Independent Landscape Consulting LLC - Sound Transit: Seed Mix
JB Kevlar LS Tall Fescue
JB Kevlar LS Tall Fescue Sod
JB Signature 100% three-way Perennial Ryegrass Blend
JB Signature Dense Shade Blend
JB Signature Natural Knit Perennial Ryegrass Seed
JB Signature Sun & Shade Blend
Wilco 3-way Perennial Ryegrass
Wilco overcast 5 Blend


Earth Tack
Hydrosorb, Inc