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How to Prepare for a Beautiful Lawnprint this page

Creating a beautiful lawn is much like laying the foundation for a house. Without a good base to start with, the top will not be pretty. The more you put into the preparation, the better outcome you will have. Considering what you want to get out of the lawn will help you make the right decisions for prep work.

New Top Soil is Recommended

Soil Depth: 3-6 inches of at least "3 way" top soil, raked to final grade. Rule of thumb is 10-12 yards of soil per 1,000 square feet of area.

Grading: Establish your rough grade by raking and leveling the soil. To eliminate drainage problems, slope soil away from foundations, etc. Grade edges to approximately ¼” below sidewalks, driveways, and patios to provide a smooth transition onto the new lawn. Finish rake or rough up the soil prior to hydroseeding.

Firmness: Make sure that you do not have a soil compaction issue. To provide a proper seed bed you need at least the top 1/2” or more of the soil to be loose or roughed up by raking. If it is compacted, the roots will have a difficult time going deep and it will increase the chance of having an erosion issue due to either over watering or heavy rainfall.

Kill and Till Method

Starting: Spray weeds with a broad spectrum weed control. Make sure that this does not have any residual effect on the soil (more than 2 to 7 days). Generally, there is no reason to remove the sod or weed as long as they are dead. They will decay and add to the organic matter in your soils. Consider having your soils tested by a reputable lab for general nutrient/soil requirements.

Tilling: Prepare the soil by roto-tilling to a depth of 4-6 inches. If your soils are low in organic matter (almost all soils are), consider tilling in some quality compost materials. Consider this as a way to feed your soil. This is a good time to work in some limestone, additional nutrients, organic matter and so forth indicated from soil tests


Once your lawn has been hydroseeded, the grass seed and fertilizer are protected by an attractive green layer of hydro mulch that seals in moisture.

Hydroseeding allows you to have a fast lush, emerald green lawn grown in place to your soil conditions. Seed varieties can be adjusted to suit your growing locations and needs. Special additives can be tank mixed and applied with the hydroseed, providing easy application with great benefits.