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Maintaining Your New Hydroseeded Lawnprint this page

Germination: The first blades of grass should appear approximately 14 days after planting. The entire germination process should take 30 days to complete. Early spring or late fall planting may take longer. Germination time will also be directly affected by soil temperature, air temperature, and moisture.

Water: Do not allow the hydroseed area dry out for at least two weeks after planting. Water enough to keep the soil moist at all times. Increase watering during hot and windy weather. As your lawn matures deeper, less frequent watering at a rate of at least 1 inch total per week is advised. It’s best to water during daylight hours. Make sure there is no pooling or running of water. If water starts to pool or run then the duration is to long. You may have to alter to more frequency and shorter duration.

Mow: Mow your lawn as soon as the grass blades are about 3 inches tall. Make sure the mower blade is sharp and it is recommended to not cut off more than a 1/3 of the grass blade each mowing. Continue to mow as needed to a height of 1 1/2 to 2 inches. The removal of all clippings is recommended.

Fertilize: It is critical to fertilize your lawn 30 days after seeding. It is recommended to fertilize every 4 to 6 weeks during the growing season of February to November. Use a balanced slow release fertilizer and apply per manufacturer recommendations.

Weed Control: Weeds can come from imported topsoil, existing soil, or from nearby areas. If weeds appear, do not apply weed control products for 3 months after hydroseeding. At that time weeds may be spot sprayed with a weed control herbicide safe for lawns.

To assure the best possible results from your hydroseeding service, please follow the conditions below:

* Hydroseed for residential turf grass is guaranteed between April 15 and October 15.
* Comply with the “Maintaining Your New Lawn” instructions above.
* Notify Nichols Hydroseeding within the first 30 days of seeding with any potential issues and
    problems with seed germination.
* Ensure irrigation system properly waters all seeded areas evenly and accurately.
* Hydroseed is a live product and must have sufficient water within 24 hrs of application. Hydroseed
  is perishable and will die if it is not properly watered.

Nichols Hydroseeding is not responsible for problems of weed competition or the eradication of them. Nichols Hydroseeding is not responsible for problems existing from issues out of our control, including owners use of herbicide within the first 3 months, improper use of herbicides, over or under fertilizing, over or under watering, vandalism, heavy use or acts of God from rain, snow, and other weather related conditions.

These are suggested maintenance instructions only and Nichols Hydroseeding makes no representations or warranties, except as noted above, concerning their use. Any or all of these instructions may not be suitable in some areas because of local trade practices, weather conditions and construction or landscape methods. Therefore , these instructions should be used only with the independent approval of a technically qualified person.